Battery, Charging, and Starting

A dead battery is many times an indication of another problem.  Using "state-of-the-art" electronic equipment, we diagnose the most common electrical system problems in today's vehicles.  This check ensures that all electrical systems are operating propertly to acheive maximum life and dependability.


Our process includes the following:


  • A full analysis of your battery's condition, including its state of charge and ability to hold a charge.
  • An inspection and analysis of the vehicle's starting and charging system, including the starter, the alternator, and the voltage regulator to ensure proper charging to maximize the life of the battery.
  • An inspection of the alternator blet.  Aloose alternator belt can cause your battery to discharge prematurely.
  • A cleaning of the battery's connection and cable ends, as well as an application of corrosion protection.
  • Professional battery installation including cleaning the battery tray and cable ends to ensure good, clean connections.

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