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GoodYear Tires

AA Auto Care & Tire offers the GoodYear Tires such as Kelly, Dunlop, & GoodYear tires to meet your car care needs.


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We'll gladly present you our reasonably priced tires from our manufacturer. We take care of changing your tires.


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Tire Rotation

Recommended Interval:  6 months / 6,000 miles


Tire rotation can be beneficial in serveral ways.  When done at the recommended times, it can preserve balanced handling and traction of the tires.  It can even out tire wear and provide performance advantages.  We recommend that high performance tires be rotated every 3,000 - 4,000 miles, whether or not they show signs of wear.


  • Have you checked your tires recently?
  • Have a flat tire?
  • Slow leak?
  • Do you notice vibration while driving?
  • Is it time for a scheduled rotation?


Whether you are purchasing new tires or need service on your old set, at AA Auto Care & Tire, we have the trained technicians and equipment to safely install, repair, and service your tires.


When it comes to tires, we are the professionals.  Our techinicians will fully inspect your tires to make the right recommendations concerning repair or replacement.  We offer a full line of tires and tire services.

Tire Mounting

AA Auto Care & tire ensures proper mounting of your new tires by providing our service center with the tire mounting equipment - equipment designed to handle almost all tire and rim combinations.

Tire Balancing

AA Auto Care & tire technicians will balance your tires to ensure proper handling, smooth ride, and maximum tread life.


A proper balancing of your existing tires or new tires will:


  • Eliminate tire vibration for more comfortable ride.
  • Help eliminate unusual tire wear patterns.
  • Protect your tire investment.

Flat Repair

When a flat tire occurs, the tire should be dismounted and closely inspected inside and out for any possible damage.  Punctures up to 1/4-inch diameter in the tread area can be safely repaired using industry-approved methods.  Tires with puntures larger than 1/4-inch diameter or sidewall damage must be replaced.

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